What I look like, when taking a selfie in front of a glacier

What I look like, when taking a selfie in front of a glacier


John is a wordly, devilishly handsome, and cheeky internet software architect, with a strong background in designing and implementing scalable services, building maintainable code bases, crafting sensible user experiences.

As douche-tastic as this will sound when you read it (in just a few more words; keep at it, chum!), he bills himself as a humanistic technologist because, really, all the software in the world is for naught, if not in service of people trying to get things done—for work, for pleasure, and for survival.

He has devoted portions of his personal time since the earliest days of his career to working on Open Source Software, both contributing feedback and pathces to existing projects, and as maintainer of a handful of his own small projects.

John is proficient in speaking in the third person. And breaking the fourth wall (like this, see?).

John's interests in language, culture, and travel have helped him develop a palpable sense of the global nature of the Internet and the multi-cultural sensibilities of its users worldwide.

John Lianoglou holds a Bachelor's degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. Because you really care where he went to school.