Here's an overview of some projects I've been working on in my spare time, both contemporary and back into the archives.

Developer Tools

TDD Kata Generator. This is a Yeoman generator that quickly creates an empty TDD kata project. The generator allows you to pick any of several katas, and allows you to pick from multiple languages and testing frameworks. It also also designed such that it is ready to accept additional katas, languages, and testing frameworks. Install it at get your TDD on.

Browser Extensions

JIRA to OmniFocus for Chrome (Github repo). This extension adds a big, lovely Send to OmniFocus button atop the right column of a JIRA ticket page, which—when clicked—creates a OmniFocus task populated with details from the JIRA ticket. The extension also supports Mail Drop, so you can send items to your OmniFocus Inbox even if you haven't got OmniFocus installed on this computer. (Yes, even from Linux or Windows.)

Deprecated and Obsolete

These are my older and, frankly, obsolete projects. They show a much less experienced man's skills, but I keep them around because they offer historical record that I've been writing software as a hobby and releasing OSS for years. As rough their edges and long in the tooth, I'm still rather proud of what they represent.

  • sfPropelLazyHydrationIteratorPlugin
  • sfRESTClientPlugin
  • Rosetta Stone Library. A Swing (yep, Java) library that offered the ability to map keystrokes to unicode characters when typing into text areas. Language keyboards have been available at the OS level since the mid-aughts, so this has become entirely useless).
  • AWUSB Xtra. An Xtra for Macromedia Directory (yea, it's that old), which provided a Lingo interface to the ActiveWire, Inc's 16 pin USB card.