Projects Portfolio

Just a collection of my own software projects, both current and archival (I've been at this software making stuff for a minute).

So far, I've ported over my software projects showcase and a small sampling of my photography work.

Uncarved Blog

Uncarved is my personal blog, which tends to focus on tech and design, with particular interest in exploring how design can contribute to a more fruitful human experience. Don't be surprised to find material about social, political, maybe food-related brain dumps.

Really, I just enjoy writing.

Its name is a reference to the uncarved block, an ancient Taoist metaphor representing pure potential.

Stalk Me Online

You'll find a direct links to my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github profiles in the header and footer of this site.

And just in case this looks like a placeholder column awaiting more interesting material, well that's because it is. And this paragraph needs one more sentence to prevent that last "is" from being an orphan.